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Ultrasonic washers


The DGM-QX-1200 Ultrasonic washer is designed for cleaning surgical tools, laboratory dishware and other medical tools and appliances (in CSD and local sterilization departments, laboratories, etc.)

Advantages of the DGM QX-1200: 

  • Unique: 2-in-1, combination of conventional and ultrasonic washers
  • Flexible: pneumatic air/water gun for processing of any instrument
  • Complete unit: Supplied with compressor



Technical data
  • Key effective cleaning of hard-to-reach parts; ultrasonic washing is especially effective when cleaning glassware, metal ware, ceramics and plastic
  • Two chambers, 60 liters each, one is for ultrasonic processing and the other for rinsing
  • The microprocessor control allows for selection of temperature, washing time and ultrasonic mode (continuous or impulse)
  • Last cycle parameters are recorded for quick start of a similar process
  • The current temperature and time left until the end of the cycle are constantly shown on the control panel
  • Air/water taps for quick change of working gun media
  • Handles for water drainage
  • All stainless steel parts
  • The unit is a separate workstation for the ultrasound washer with constant connection to water, electricity, sewer and, on request, compressed air supply
  • The standard set includes the following: replacement injector heads, SELECTA gun with set of 8 tips, rinsing chamber cover  features




 External dimensions (D x W x H) mm 600×1400×850
 Two chambers lt 60+60
 Weight kg85 
 Generator operation frequency kHz 40
 Working temperature range °C 10-60
 Power supply V/Hz 230V, 50Hz





  • SELECTA type spraying gun with a set of 13 nozzles

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