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Low-temperature plasma sterilizers
DGM Z-150/220
DGM Z-150/220
DGM Z-150/220
Low-temperature plasma sterilizer DGM Z-150 and DGM Z-220 provide an efficient sterilization solution for heat and moisture sensitive medical equipment in CSSDs, Hospitals, Respiratory and Gastroenterology Endoscopy Clinics.
DGM Z is used to sterilize medical equipment and instruments made of heat-sensitive materials: products of synthetic and polymer materials, medical optical systems, medical electric instruments and electrical power cables, rigid endoscopes, ultrasonic medical devices, sensors, medical devices, including ultrasound devices, medical implants and tools for their installation, etc.
These models have advanced features for ease of use: foot pedal to facilitate the loading process. They are also available as a pass-through sterilizers for the Central Sterilization Departments with a need for separation of clean and sterile areas.

Technical data
Key features:
  • Automatic vertical sliding door(s)
  • Rectangular chamber, completely made of aluminum
  • 3 integrated sterilization programs
- Short program 30 min.
- Standard program 45-65 min.
- Long cycle time (for long hollow pipes) 65-75 min.
  • 10 colour touch screen display indicating in real time:
- Cycle phases and parameters, both in numerical and graphic forms
- Anomalies, alarms
  • Output of sterilization parameters on the built-in printer
  • Foot pedal


DGM Z-150

DGM Z-220

Cycle Temperature50-55C
Sterilizing Agenthydrogen peroxide 58-60%
Sterilization Chamber ConfigurationRectangular
Total Cycle Time
30 min
45 min
65 min
30 min
65 min
75 min
960 mm
860 mm
1700 mm
1460 mm
860 mm
1700 mm
Weight400 kg500 kg
Total Chamber Volume135 L225 L
Usable Chamber Volume103 L181 L
Two-Tiered Shelf(WxD)395 mm x 700 mm400 mm x 1210 mm
  • Sterilization basket with cover 620×250×60 mm
  • Sterilization basket with cover 620×200×60 mm
  • Sterilization basket with cover 460×160×60 mm
  • Sterilization basket with cover 460×80×60 mm
  • Sterilization basket with cover 255×160×60 mm
  • Transport trolley
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