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Washer disinfectors
DGM ES 300/350
DGM ES 300/350
DGM ES 300/350


DGM ES 300/350 is the largest DGM washing-disinfecting machine. It is perfect for use in central sterilization departments. Available in double-doors (DGM ES300P/350P)and single-door (DGM ES 300/350) versions.






Advantages of DGM ES 300/350: 

  • Especially for CSSD: designed for use in CSSD to work with a variety of instruments
  • Multifunctional: increased range of customizable programs in the basic integration for accurate adjustment according to customer needs, including validation programs
  • The largest chamber: increased total chamber volume ensuring water circulation and tool washing quality
  • Powerful: two heavy-duty circulation pumps ensure excellent washing and disinfection results in the large chamber
  • Forced air drying system


Technical data
Key features:
  • 65 programs including freely customizable and maintenance. A wide range of parameter adjustment is available for each program
  • Microprocessor control
  • Color sensor LCD screen
  • Graphic display of data on current process parameters and completion stage
  • Vertical sliding door(-s) with observation glass e Two water pumps
  • Three dosing pumps for detergents
  • Detergent level control, detergent absence alarm
  • Feeding cart recognition system with automatic selection of the washing program corresponding to the cart (option)
  • Cart position inside the chamber control system (option) Internal prefilter class
  • Temperature of washing and disinfection is widely adjustable and controlled by 2 sensors
  • Multilevel water filtration system prevents introduction of dirt into recirculation system and serves to increase the
  • pump life time
  • A wide range of carts and accessories for washing 

  • Additional dosage pump
  • 14 filter
  • Boiler for preheating of demineralized water
  • Built-in printer
  • Barcode cart recognition system
  • Chamber illumination
  • Built-in steam condenser
  • Chamber water steam heater
  • Complex chamber water heating (electrical and steam)
  • Steam air heater for dryer
  • Built-in softener
  • Additional control for dosage of chemical agents
  • Drainage cooling



 ES 300

ES 350

 External dimensions (D x W x H) mm 740 x 900 x 1940 960 x 1100 x 1980
Chamber active capacity lt 280 350
 Number of doors pcs 1/2 doors1/2 doors
 Standard capacity (DIN basket) pcs 12 18
 Power supply V/Hz 380/50  380/50

A wide range of wash carts for all types of medical instruments. 






  • Wide range of wash carts for example



Manual transfer trolley

Size: 750x1000x1080h mm

5 levels instruments wash cart provided with washing arms and removable shelvses

4 levels instruments wash cart

3 levels instruments wash cart provided with washing arms

2 levels instruments wash cart provided with washing arms


Standard cart for containers inserts

Size: 650x800x310h mm

Description: it can contain the following

inserts: C106 (nr. 4 DIN cont. 300x600x300 h)



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