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Washer disinfectors
DGM ES 200/250
DGM ES 200/250
DGM ES 200/250





The DGM ES 200/250 is a high capacity unit for washing and disinfection of surgical instruments, ophtalmological instruments, dental instruments, medical shoes, instruments for minimally invasive surgery, feeding bottles and laboratory glassware. Available in double-door (DGM ES200P/250P) and single-door (DGM ES 200P/250P) versions.




Advantages of DGM ES 200/250: 

  • Efficient: low energy consumption
  • Multifunctional: awide range of customizable programs in the basic integration for accurate adjustment according to customer needs
  • Power: high power circular pump enables high quality processing
  • Forced air drying system
  • Safe: chamber overfill triple protection

 Laboratory washer disinfectors on request.

Technical data
Key features:
  • 40 washing programs of which the most are free customizable; a wide range of adjustment for each program, manual mode
  • LCD screen with full display of data on current process parameters and completion stage
  • Vertical door(-s), opens frontwards, with HST class observation glass
  • Two dosing pumps for detergents (up to 4 pumps on request)
  • Detergent level control, detergent absence alarm
  • Temperature of washing and disinfection is widely adjustable and controlled by 2 sensors
  • Multilevel filtration system prevents introduction of dirt into recirculation system and serves to increase the pump lifetime 

  • Sensor display
  • SMS connection
  • Moisture sensor
  • One or two additional dosage pumps
  • 14 filter
  • Built-in softener
  • USB port
  • Built-in printer
  • Boiler for demineralized water
  • Light inside the chamber 
  • Additional control for dosage of chemical agents
  • Additional volume control of water supplied into the chamber
  • Chamber water steam heating to decrease the cycle length
  • Drainage cooling



 ES 200

ES 250

 External dimensions (D x W x H) mm 660(710) x 650 x 1685 687(710) x 650 x 1840
Chamber active capacity lt 170 220
 Number of doors pcs 1/2 doors1/2 doors
 Standard capacity (DIN basket) pcs 8 10
 Power supply V/Hz  380/50 380/50

Glassware washer disinfectors on request.
A wide range of wash carts for all types of medical instruments. 






  • Wide range of wash carts for example



Manual transfer trolley, Size: 850h mm

 - 5 Levels instruments wash cart provided with washing arms

 - 5 Levels instruments wash cart provided with 3 washing arms and removableshelvses

- 4 Levels instruments wash cart provided with washing arms- 3 Levels instruments wash cart provided with washing arms

- 2 Levels instruments wash cart provided with washing arms

- 1 Levels instruments wash cart provided with washing arms


Anaesthesia instruments injection wash cart with drying – 4 sets



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