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Low-temperature plasma sterilizers
Low-temperature plasma sterilizers

Low-temperature plasma sterilizers DGM Z provide an efficient sterilization solution for heat and moisture sensitive medical equipment in CSSDs, Hospitals, Respiratory and Gastroenterology Endoscopy Clinics.

DGM Z is used to sterilize medical equipment and instruments made of heat-sensitive materials: products of synthetic and polymer materials, medical optical systems, medical electric instruments and electrical power cables, rigid endoscopes, ultrasonic medical devices, sensors, medical devices, including ultrasound devices, medical implants and tools for their installation, etc. 

DGM Z is designed to improve productivity and reduce the risk of work stoppage. The equipment is cost-efficient, user-friendly, safe for healthcare staff, patients, instruments and environment. The process by-products are non-toxic oxygen and water vapour.  DGM Z does not require any special connections for the installation, only electricity.

The range of DGM Z low-temperature plasma sterilizers is represented by models: DGM Z-40, DGM Z-150, DGM Z-220 with chamber volumes of 50, 135 and 225 liters, respectively.

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