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Trolley washer disinfectors
Trolley washer disinfectors

Saving time and confidence in the quality is THE MUST

The amount of sterile containers and trolleys has increased significantly as a result of the centralization of sterilization services.DGM trolley washer disinfectors are an effective solution to improve the efficiency and economy of a sterilization centre.

Individually adapted systems

DGM has developed a wide range of trolley washer disinfectors adaptable to any CSSD configuration. Our models are all available with different washing chamber widths, depths and heights.

Standard compliant

DGM Washer-Disinfectors are designed and constructed to comply with the latest European guidelines on decontamination. EN ISO 15883-1/2, CEN ISO/TS 15883-5

DGM Washer-Disinfectors are classified CE Medical Device (Community rule 93/42/CEE) code nr. 0051.

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