Trolley washer disinfectors

DGM T-5000

DGM T-5000  is a large capacity washer disinfector dedicated to the treatment of transport, storage and waste trolleys. The machine can also treat instrument containers and lids, op. shoes, plastic crates or other bulky items with dedicated presentation racks. These washer disinfectors offer a complete cleaning, thermal disinfection and drying treatment through high flow recirculation pumps and high speed blowers.

The devices can be equipped with an automatic manifold connection, a patented solution which allows the load of trolleys equipped with washing arms or washing injection systems. This special option allows the validated treatment of surgical instruments and items with hollow surfaces, extending the trolley washer function range by making it a flexible device that can face CSSD throughput peaks as well as a safe productivity back-up.

DGM T-5000   is available in single door or double door version for pass-through installation. The lateral sliding doors can be manual or automatic and made of stainless steel with inspection window or, to ease cycle monitoring, of high visibility full glass (HST tested).

Key features:
The machine is available in single door or double door pass-through versions.
  • Washing chamber made of stainless steel AISI 316L mirror polishing.
  • External body made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Washing and DI water temperature fully adjustable up to 93°C/199°F with independent temperature monitoring.
  • Vertically installed self flush stainless steel washing pump with pressure control.
  • Steam heated, electrical drying.
  • Double drying units, up to 1000 m3/h capacity.
  • Two automatic chemicalliquid dispensers provided with flowmeter and level control.
  • Flush self cleaning filter for the recirculation of the washing water.
  • Touch screen control panel.
 Chemical disinfection version (on request)


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