Flexible endoscope reprocessors


DGM is  proud to introduce the DGM GS 8 Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor. DGM GS 8 is a perfect endoscope reprocessing system that provides complete, consistent, high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes.

Available in single or pass through double  door versions for the rapid reprocessing in  under 30 minutes of 2 flexible  endoscopes or up to 8 bronchoscopes. Also good for rigid endoscopes (up to 20).

DGM GS 8 has Unique control system: the channel of each endoscope is programmed and controlled independently.

Thermal self disinfection cycle of the washer and of the washing basket according to EN ISO 15883-4

  • Available in single-door and pass-through two-door versions.
  • Tested and compatible with peracetic acid and glutaraldehyde
  • It is possible to conduct simultaneous low-temperature washing and high-level disinfection of two flexible endoscopes
  • The loading capacity can be increased for up to 8 video bronchoscopes and fibroscopes
  • Possibility of thermal processing of rigid endoscopes using specialized trolleys
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) of detergents and disinfectants (optional)
  • Identification of users and tools with a barcode reading system or by using RFID (optional)
  • Leak test at the beginning of the cycle and continuous monitoring during all the cycle phases with automatic cycle stop in case of anomaly.
  • Individual control of each channel of the endoscope with two independent systems
  • Availability of two individual pumps controlling the pressure and flow in the channels of endoscopes
  • Individual control of pressure and flow in the channel with data logging for the entire cycle
  • Thermal self-disinfection cycle
  • HEPA filter for drying cycle
  • Dual stage water filtration systemDuration of the full cleaning and disinfection cycle – 30 minutes
  • Built-in sterile air filter
  • Microprocessor control
  • LCD touch-screen display
  • Detailed documentation of the cycle with output on the built-in printer or a PC/hospital server via special software
  • Possibility of creating a database of endoscopes, doctors, operators


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