Flexible endoscope reprocessors


DGM is  proud to introduce the DGM GS 3  Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor. DGM GS 3 is an integrated endoscope reprocessing system that provides complete, consistent, high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes.

Highest flexibility is granted by the compact design, which assures low cycle costs by reduced consumption of water, chemicals and energy.

DGM GS 3 endoscope reprocessor is endowed with a stainless steel base for the storage of process chemicals. Free standing or table top – the DGM GS 3 design provides an installation set for any facility. Using the “rack” option, two GS 3 machines will be installed on the top of each other on a mobile shelf. This set up allows asynchronous reprocessing of 2 flexible endoscopes on a small footprint.  Furthermore, DGM GS 3 is useful for rigid endoscopes.

Thermal self disinfection cycle of the washer and of the washing basket according to EN ISO 15883-4

  • Compatible and tested glutaraldehyde (thermo-chemical) disinfection
  • 3 level service menu, protected by passwords (installation, service, user)
  • Leak test at the beginning of the cycle and continuous monitoring during all the cycle phases with automatic cycle stop in case of anomaly
  • Integrated sterile air filter (0.2 µm) channels purging and drying
  • Final rinse with sterile water: the double-stage microbiological filtration system (0.45µm and 0.1µm) secures the validated disinfection of process water for the final rinse and disinfection phases
  • Process documentation through the external printer or USB interface
  • Available in a single-door version. In the open position, the door is an ergonomic workspace for the connection of endoscopes
  • Possibility of connecting an endoscope with up to 7 channels
  • Designed for processing 1 flexible endoscope, or up to 3 video bronchoscopes of all types and brands
  • Possibility of thermal processing of rigid endoscopes using specialized trolleys
  • Thermal self-disinfection cycle
  • Microprocessor control
  • HEPA filter for dryer cycle


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