Steam sterilizers

DGM from 130 to 2000 liters

The DGM series are specially designed to cover a large field of applications for hospitals, CSSD and medical centers.  DGM sterilizers are also used in laboratories, in the pharmaceutical and other industries, as the additional programs enable them to sterilize medical solutions, microbiological cultures and mediums.
DGM Steam sterilizers are cost-effective, user-friendly, ensure the highest reliability and safety.

Key features: 

  • All sterilizer models are available in single-door and double-door versions
  • Hinged door(-s) with automatic locking device
  • Rectangular chamber, completely made of stainless steel AISI316L and entirely covered with a full steam jacket
  • Double stage vacuum pump
  • 5 integrated sterilization programs and wide range of customizable ones, allowing to select sterilization time and temperature, drying and cooling
  • 2 test programs (Leak test and Bowie-Dick test for control of steam penetration into porous materials)
  • A wide range of parameter adjustment is available for each program
  • 7″colour touch screen display indicating in real time
–   Cycle phases and parameters, both in numerical and graphic forms
–   Anomalies, alarms
–   Main components maintenance status
  • Output of sterilization parameters on the built-in printer
  • Built-in steam generator (except DGM-1200,1500,2000)
  • Chamber door cannot be opened when chamber is pressurized
  • Two chamber doors cannot be opened simultaneously
  • A cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly locked


Steam sterilizers

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